trendy women's clothing

Putting together an outfit is one of the hardest things when it comes to fall/winter fashion. You want to look stylish and yet don’t want to freeze when stepping outside.

Every day you feel that nothing in your closet seems to feel right. Whatever the reason may be, you might feel overwhelmed at the idea of building an ensemble and yet follow the main fashion trends of this season. Luckily for all of us, the trendy women’s clothes of fall/winter 2020 are within everyone’s reach, even in terms of budget.

trendy women's clothing

If you’re reading this, you might be looking for inspiration. Keep scrolling to discover all the trendy women’s clothing fashion trends of this season.

  1. Neutral Tones With a Blue Twist

Blue styled with neutral tones is one of the main trends and one of the most prominent color combinations of this season. It combines a trendy shade of the last few months with a new touch of color.

We recommend going for a sleek brown suit with a bright blue bag or a monochrome outfit with a pair of leather pumps. You’ll soon realize how versatile this mix is! You can have fun trying hundreds of different combinations.

2. Chain Necklaces With Hoop Earrings

This season forget everything you’ve learned about accessorizing. Not always less is more. Try pairing a chain necklace with a pair of stunning hoops. You’ll be amazed by how well they look together!

These jewelry options are a timeless choice and work with literally every outfit. You can go for gold or silver for a classic feel or add a little color to your outfit. Try this combo once, and you’ll find it hard to give it up in the future!

3. Tiger-Print Clothes and Accessories

This season everyone is going crazy for tiger patterns, which are a great way to brighten up a monochrome outfit.

With the fall season approaching, there’s nothing better than the combination of black and warm brown that makes up for this trendy print.

Combine tiger patterns with a pair of blue jeans, and add a few patterned accessories or shoes into the mix. The rule of thumb is that you should feel comfortable and have fun freshening up your look with new animal prints.

4. Bright-Colored Soft Handheld Bags

Nowadays, there is no lack of designers who are embracing soft clutches with billowy leather. They are perfect for colder months and can be styled in plenty of ways.

You can pair an orange soft handheld bag with a brown or neutral outfit. You can also pick a yellow one for your blue clothes or go for burgundy with a white ensemble.

Remember to hold your clutch under your arm to boost the impact that this comfy and stylish accessory can have on the way you look.

5. Creamy-Colored Slouch Boots

Funky boots might not be exactly your first choice when you decide to upgrade your fall wardrobe. However, you should give slouch boots a chance, because they look great during the colder months.

You’ll soon love them and their crumpled look. You can opt for a warm shade of cream or go for a full-white pair. Either way, we suggest complimenting this type of boots with a white T-shirt or shirt. You can also make them stand out with an oversized blazer or a black dress.

6. Natural Tones All The Way

Natural tones rarely go out of fashion. Monochromatic and neutral outfits are easy to put together and look great on basically everyone.

You can go for a sandy-colored suit with a turtleneck and pair it with a boiler suit or a leather skirt. The general rule is that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with all the different shades of neutral tones, including camel, sand, buff, and even more.

You’ll find it super easy to style neutral colors with whatever you’re wearing, even during this upcoming season.

7. Bright-Colored Suits

Why should you wear suits if you’re not working to work? We hear you asking. The point is that suits – especially those in bold and bright colors – can make a statement both for when you’re in the office and when you are enjoying drinks with friends.

These pops of color automatically elevate your wardrobe and make you stand out more than in other more traditional tones.

This season, we recommend trying out different shades of blue and red. The main point is to find a suit that matches your skin tone and then pair it with a bold clutch bag or a pair of funky heels. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be sure you can stand out amongst any crowd.

8. Yellow Maxi Coats

When fall arrives, it’s easy to feel lethargic and moody. Yellow is a bold and vibrant shade that can brighten up even the coldest days.

You can test out varying tones and pair yellow pieces with a white turtleneck and brown boots. Looking for inspiration? From a puff jacket to a trench, the options are almost endless to make this piece work well for you.

9. Wide Leg Pants Tucked Into a Pair of Boots

Fashion is fun because it allows you to mix and match new styles with almost complete freedom.

This season trend is no exception. Tuck your wide-leg pants into a pair of boots to add a subtle punk twist to your outfit. With all the types and shades of wide-leg pants available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit to match your personality.

10. Brown Faux Leather Coats

Rocking a brown faux leather coat in the freezing winter weather is kind of a must of fashion. This classic piece is perfect for looking trendy during the colder months.

You can style it with a mini skirt or a pair of straight slimline pants. Not to mention that you can tie the waist in to create a dress. Concerning the perfect shades for a brown faux leather coat, we can definitively recommend grey, blue, and black.


Regardless of if you have an innate feel towards fashion or not, trying out new trends can allow you to discover a new version of yourself.

Following the tips we shared in this article, you will very likely ace the right look to feel good and impress everyone around you.

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